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Crabbies Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer: Dark amber gold colour; fairly intense aromas of ginger, spice, with notes of oak and cedar; sweet, medium bodied, frothy carbonation, with flavours of sweet ginger, spice and citrus notes; pleasantly balanced and spicy on the finish.

Tags: Bold & Spicy, Coolers, Lightly Sweet, Spicy

Crown Royal: Light amber colour; slightly floral aroma with corn, buttery/vanilla and peaches; slightly sweet peach flavour with wood tone finishes dry.

Tags: Canada, Canadian Whisky, Subtle & Sweet, Whisky/Whiskey

Crown Royal Maple Finished: Amber colour; aromas and flavours of baking spices, maple and caramel; warm, medium-long finish.

Tags: Canada, Canadian Whisky, Subtle & Sweet, Whisky/Whiskey

Crystal Head Vodka: Clear and colourless; clean neutral grain aromas and flavours with a delicate touch of citrus; smooth, clean finish

Tags: Corn, Smooth & Creamy, Unflavoured Vodka, Vodka

Drambuie: golden colour; herbs, spice, honey and smoky scotch aromas; rich flavours match the aroma, with long warm finish

Tags: , Liqueur/Liquor, Sweet Flavours

El Dorado 5 Years Old Rum: Medium dark amber colour; complex aromas of baked coconut, toasted nut, caramel/brown sugar, spice with orange peel and resinous notes; dry with a faint initial sweet note, medium bodied, rounded and smooth on the palate, with flavours of creme caramel, toasted nut and a sweet smoky note on the long complex finish.

Tags: Amber, Amber Rum, Medium & Sweet, Rum

El Jimador Tequila Reposado: Pale straw colour; sweet spice and lime aromas; smooth, creamy palate and a hint of spice on the finish.

Tags: Reposado, Tequila

Eristoff Clear Cut: Clear pale straw colour; subtle aromas of citrus and a hint of vanilla; sweet citrus and lime flavours, with abundant carbonation giving a creamy mouthfeel; citrus flavours on a zesty finish.

Tags: Citrus, Coolers, Sweet

Finlandia Vodka: Neutral aroma; clean and smooth with warmth of alcohol up front

Tags: Barley, Clean & Classic, Unflavoured Vodka, Vodka

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