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Welcome to the LARGEST Home Delivery Company!

A couple of friends are sitting around having a few laughs and a few drinks, when someone yells "There's no more alcohol!" How many times has this happened to you? Well this is exactly where we come in. Don't leave your party or friends, and definitely don't drive after you've had a drink - let the alcohol come to you!

At The Beer Guy you can buy over 3000 types of alcohol from all over the world and we'll have them in your hands, almost anywhere in Ontario, in less than ONE hour. We even bring them to you COLD!

Also, each alcohol listed on our site includes full taste descriptions to help you discover new favourites, something you can't find anywhere else!

With such a large selection of the world's best alcohol's sitting in front of you, all available for you to buy online with just a few clicks, what are you waiting for?! Choose your favourite drinks, experiment with new drinks, or stock up for your upcoming party! Get Started Now!


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