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Liquor & Alcohol Delivery Service in St Catharines

Beer, Liquor, Wine delivered in under 1 hour!

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The Beer Guy is the Ultimate St Catharines Alcohol Delivery Service!

We have over 3000+ brands of liquor, spirits, beer and wine available for HOME DELIVERY right to your door. Take all the time you want shopping around our liquor & spirits store, and find the best alcohol available for delivery in St Catharines near you; with the most alcohol options to suit your drinking needs! We provide pricing for liquor or spirits, beer, wine, and other types of Alcohol. We also provide images, liquor package sizes specific to what is available in St Catharines for delivery, liquor or spirits descriptions, and even articles about alcohol and all types of different spirits! Take all the time you want, and get EXACTLY the alcohol you're looking for!

We also offer St Catharines beer delivery for your convenience, as well as wine delivery in St Catharines. All alcohol types are available in all of our delivery locations.

The Beer Guy doesn't raise prices on our alcohol products like some other companies do. We give you the same great value you would get at The Beer Store or LCBO, in the convenience of an online click! So what could be better?!? How about receiving your order COLD, at a great price, and within a few hours from the time you place the order and ready to be enjoyed with your family and friends.

No time? No car? Let The Beer Guy do the work for you!

After all, we are "The Site That Delivers!"

Click here or browse the products below to start shopping today, and get your alcohol, liquor or spirits delivered within a couple hours to your door!

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Frequently Asked Questions about St Catharines Liquor Delivery

We charge a rate of , and unlike our competition, we don't upcharge the products you buy. We make our money off the delivery fee only! This save you as much as 30%!! That's right, you pay the same price with us, as you do at The Beer Store or LCBO.

In St Catharines, we accept Visa, Mastercard or AMEX online or at the door, debit at the door, or cash at the door.

Yes, we do. Our drivers will take empties from your residence for a $0.08 refund per beer bottle, provided there is not a substantial amount of bottles. We'll also take your liquor or wine empties for your convenience - no financial return. Whether the driver will take empties or not is the choice of driver. Please verify with the driver when they arrive, to confirm they can take your empties. Our drivers are not required to take empties, but are asked to provide this option as an extra convenience to our customers.

Now, most of you will think of us as Dial A Bottle St Catharines, but in fact, Dial A Bottle is a generic name for the service, much like Kleenex has become synonymous with the tissue. We don't consider ourselves Dial A Bottle St Catharines, we prefer The Beer Guy!

So if you're looking for beer delivery St Catharines, liquor delivery St Catharines, or wine delivery St Catharines - remember, we're The Beer Guy, not Dial A Bottle.

For a full FAQ, please visit our Help and FAQ page.
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