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The Beer Guy was created as an online advertisement for beer delivery way back in 2001. We were originally a one page ad showing beer delivery was available in Toronto. Take a minute to picture the internet back then – Compaq launched the Compaq Presario, McAfee released the first virus software in the world, the original Xbox was released, and Wikipedia was created.

We quickly realised the potential of the internet, and within 1 year a full shopping experience was available online. By 2002 – the world’s first online beer delivery platform was born!

Since day one, our mission has been to bring order, strength, a level of trust and a service quality to an industry that existed in the past, but wasn’t always seen in a positive light. There are lots of Dial A Bottle’s in Ontario, but truthfully every company uses that name. In fact, Dial A Bottle is a generic name for the service, much like Kleenex has become synonymous with the tissue. If you call 10 Dial A Bottles phone numbers, odds are you got a different company each time.

Once our foundation was in place, we started expanding across the province.

We’ve partnered with many companies along the way to provide the best service, and the best promotions, to our customers.

Unlike our competitors, we do NOT inflate the prices of products by 20-30%. Our delivery fee is the only charge from us you’ll see.

So stay tuned, and let us help you with your party, dinner, celebration, or covid-19 Thursday night.

Cheers, and see you soon!

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