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The Beer Guy was created as an online advertisement for Beer Delivery, and was originally just a one page ad outlining what can be done with Beer Delivery. We realized a full content listing of all beers available in Ontario would be beneficial to our customers, and would help them truly enjoy the Beer Delivery experience. Once we had a full catalog of our beers, we were really close to providing online ordering to our customers. With a few more tweaks, we added a shopping cart and check out process; and Online Beer Delivery was born!

Yes, we were the FIRST online delivery company, and it remained that way for a long long time. We are still by far the largest and the best delivery company operating in the industry, but with great success comes competition. We are now seeing a lot of "Beer Guy" copy cat companies popping up. So be wary when you order, only TheBeerGuy.ca is the legitimate company!

Shortly after The Beer Guy's went online, my partners and I were approached by The Beer Store. They were looking for a competitive, reliable, advanced delivery company to help increase their market share in Ontario. After many meetings, The Beer Guy was appointed a delivery company for The Beer Store. The appointment of The Beer Guy as The Beer Store's delivery company showcased that we were not like all the other delivery companies. We were a company that put the customer first, one that looked to the future, and one that was going to be around for a long, long time.

Once The Beer Guy was up and running for a while, we realized that everyone that was looking for Liquor, Spirits or Wine was in the same boat as beer was a few years ago, with no opportunity to have liquor, spirits or wine delivered. We quickly created a second site, The Liquor Guy (theliquorguy.ca), to satisfy this problem. Launched early in 2005, The Liquor Guy quickly grew to contain over 3000 brands. The industry support for it was much higher then we anticipated, and The Liquor Guy is now a dominant player in the liquor, spirits and wine delivery space.

Stay tuned for more to come!! Cheers!

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