Staff Picks for the week of April 19th

Every week, The Beer Guy staff participate in a poll to provide a list of possible staff picks. The top 4 brands with the most votes are given as a blind taste test to our staff on Thirsty Thursday. The winners, based on test, are then sorted and displayed here. With all that being said, here are this week's staff picks!

For our full list of rules, click here.


An award-winning beer created in honour of the Toronto music duo -...

Out of Stock

High Park Brewery is a strong supporter of the local community. The...

Repeated heavy dosing and dry hopping brings out the smooth citrus...

Our Boundless IPA offers mighty hop aromas and flavours featuring...


We're focusing on the new seltzers that are on the market this week. Bud Light is coming out with a few flavours, and they're quite tasty!

The mango is extremely tasty as well. Hard to pick a winner with all these brands. They're pretty even in our opinion.

Watermelon is rather unique and delicate taste, and is complimented by the pure refreshment of White Claw Hard Seltzer.

The fresh, ripe raspberry flavour is evident here. Sweet, yet tart. Definitely a recommend brand especially if you like Black Cherry.


On Sale

Since 1847, Jacob's Creek has been one of the leaders in...

Pale straw colour; intense aromas of grapefruit, herbs, gooseberry...

Produced in south-eastern Australia, this modern chardonnay pours a...

Mateus Rosé, in the iconic flask-shaped bottle, has introduced...

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