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Barrie Liquor Delivery

Beer Delivery Barrie - The Beer Guy

For all your beer delivery Barrie needs, The Beer Guy has been delivering beer in Ontario for over 20 years, with over 105 million bottles delivered (yes, we counted). We’re also the exclusive partner to The Beer Store, delivering all orders placed through The Beer Store’s website/app on their behalf. We’re also the only delivery service in Barrie that has real-time Beer Store inventory and pricing on our website.

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Beer Store Delivery - How Does it Work?

We are directly connected to the inventory of the Beer Store locations at 30 Anne Street South, 71 Mapleview Drive West, 640 Yonge Street, 299 Blake Street and 531 Bayfield Street. Our inventory and prices reflect real-time information, unlike other delivery service providers, who receive your online order and may find something is out of stock when they arrive at the Beer Store, and will have to drive to another location. This ensures drivers are fast, and do not over charge you. Also, if you’re looking for that “hard to find product”, we can guarantee we know exactly where it is!

Liquor Delivery Barrie

Yep, we do liquor delivery too. We will stop by the liquor store (aka the LCBO). If you are adding alcohol delivery to your beer order, delivery times can vary depending on the line ups at each of the stores, but we can normally have your beer, liquor, wine, etc. delivered to your door within one hour. If we have to go to a Beer Store and an LCBO, then there will be a $2.00 “additional stop” charge for our drivers to make it to the closest liquor store in Barrie.

Wine Delivery in Barrie

Of course we do wine delivery as well. We’ll grab your favourite wines from the liquor store (aka the LCBO) anytime. We can normally have your beer, liquor, wine, etc. delivered to your door within one hour. If we have to go to a Beer Store and an LCBO, then there will be a $2.00 “additional stop” charge for our drivers to make it to the closest LCBO in Barrie.

Convenience Store Items

Yep, we even deliver cigarettes, pop, mix, snacks you name it - simply add those items to the comment box and we will shop at the local convenience store and should be able to hit our delivery window. We do not accept cash for the convenience store items - we will charge $2.00 for every stop on the delivery.

Why The Beer Guy?

Speedy Delivery

As the largest spirits delivery, wine delivery, and beer delivery service provider in not just Barrie or Ontario but all of Canada (over 105 million bottles delivered). That means dedicated beer delivery drivers and dedicated liquor delivery drivers, so your beer wine vodka, you name it, has a better chance of arriving within one hour than other alcohol home delivery providers. Whether your bottle delivery needs are for home delivery or at your business, as we are dialed into the inventory of the liquor stores in all of Ontario, we know which store to go to to ensure your order is delivered promptly.

Extensive Selection Beer Store and Liquor Store Selection

With over 10,000 pages on our website, we have the most extensive inventory listed than any delivery provider in Canada, many of whom are just a delivery service. We not only deliver to your door, but act as your online catalogue for beer, wine and spirits - many other delivery providers only offer the most well-known brands, or require you to know what you want and their service is simply to deliver it. So we have all of your beer delivery Barrie and liquor delivery Barrie needs covered, whether it be Crown Royal, Canadian Club, sparkling wine, champagne or a combination of beer, wine, liquor and cigarettes.

Special Promotions

When you order online, not only do we guarantee the fastest delivery and the best service, but we offer the most promotions. That means more items that are on sale, and lots of free samples. So be on the lookout for your favourite brand on sale, and for promotions in which you will get one, or many, free bottles with your home delivery.


Current Barrie Delivery Charge: $11.95. We’ll allow you to review all pricing before you place your order, offering full transparency into all costs. If you have questions about your delivery experience and purchase, please ask your driver before they get back in their car, or contact our customer operations team by phone or email. They’ll get back to you in minutes and are very good at their jobs.


  • All drivers are licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission and Smart Serve Certified.
  • We do not accept cash in most areas, but do accept credit cards and PayPal.
  • We do not offer our service to minors - proof of age is required. Delivery fees are still charged if you cannot produce proper ID.
  • Hours of Operation: Open Mon-Sat: 9:30am-9:30pm; Open Sun: 9:30am-5:30pm. Last call is one hour before stores close in Ontario. Closed on statutory holidays.
  • Home delivery is typically within one hour.
  • Our drivers are local Barrie residents and licensed with us.
  • Items on sale, whether beer or liquor, will have real-time pricing as you shop on The Beer Guy.
  • As part of our great service and delivery experience, The Beer Guy's drivers will take empties during your home delivery for a $0.10 refund per bottle, provided there is not a substantial amount of bottles. We'll also take your liquor or wine empties, at no refund. Whether the driver will take empties or not is the choice of the driver. Please verify with the driver when they arrive, to confirm they can take your empties. The Beer Guy's drivers are not required to take empties, but are asked to provide this option as an extra convenience to our customers.
Click here to start shopping today, and get your beer, liquor, or wine delivered!

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